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   Ladder Information
» Non-Scheduled Matches are allowed.
» Challenging is allowed.
» A team must have at least 1 member before playing matches.
» Teams can have no more than 1 member.
   Challenge Information
» Challenging is allowed.
» You can challenge teams up to any ranks above your team if they are free for challenging.
» A team has 36 hours to respond to your challenge.
» A challenged team must then respond to your challenge selecting 3 time/dates and 1 maps.
» The earliest a match can be scheduled for is 12 hours after the latest finalizing time.
» The latest a match can be scheduled for is 2 days after the the latest finalizing time.
» Match times can be between 8 am and 8 pm EST.
» You must then finalize the challenge within 1 hours of the challenged team accepting.
You will then need to select 1 of the maps and one of the times to have the match.
» The maps you pick must be played in the order the challenged team selected them.
If for some reason a match goes beyond the maps selected before the match ends the team who is winning will select the next map and then alternate.
» The match must be played at the final selected time by the challenger.
» If a team does not show up 10 minutes after the match is to start it is considered a forfeit to the non-showing team.
make sure to save a record of having the match either by screenshots or icq conversation logs, as you will be contacted via email by an admin if you are acccused of forfeiting.
If you cannot prove you played the accusing team you they will be awarded the match and you will be givin a forfeit to your record.